Char-Broil Universal Rotisserie UK

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The Char-Broil Universal Rotisserie is a one-piece spit rod that can be easily installed on most and fits most 2-6-burner grills. It evenly roasts small and large cuts of meat to perfection.

The Char-Broil Universal Rotisserie includes:

  • One-piece spit rod
  • Two 4-prong meat forks
  • Electric motor with UK plug

Char-Broil Universal Rotisserie UK Specification

Product Code 140102
Product dimensions (W) 70 cm
Product weight 1.51 kg
Key Features

Char-Broil Universal Rotisserie UK Features

  • Easily install on most gas grills
  • One-piece spit rod fits most 2-6-burner grills
  • Evenly roasts small and large cuts of meat to perfection