Morco EUP 11L LPG Water Heater

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Propane 34kg


The Morco EUP11 is an 11 litre per minute LPG Gas Water Heater designed for use in caravans. It is designed to replace the Morco G11-E and MP11, features piezo ignition and has a maximum output of 11 litres per minute. The flue diameter is the same at 110mm, so if you are replacing a G11E you can use the existing flue.

The EUP11 is an alternative to the G11E and MP11. It operates exactly as its predecessors and provides identical power outputs. It complies with the strict new EUP legislation, this is a Europe wide legislative change designed to make water heaters produce less NOx (Nitrogen Oxide). It has been in force since September 26th 2018 and all water heaters made since then must comply if they are to be sold in Europe. The NOx emissions are reduced by cooling the temperature of the burner flame by more than 100°C. This is achieved by using the water passing through the appliance to cool the flame. The level of NOx is reduced to approximately 25% of historic levels.

The EUPFK fitting/conversion kit will be required in order to fit the water heater as the gas and water connections are different to those on the G11E and MP11.


Morco EUP 11L LPG Water Heater Specification

Installation Internal wall mounted
Dimensions (H x W x D) 592mm x 314mm x 245mm
Weight 10.6kg
Exhaust system Open flued
Ignition method Piezo
Gas consumption - Propane 1.69kg/hr
Hot water delivery capacity 11 ltr/min (Max) at a 25°C rise
Water pressure 0.2 - 10bar
Flue Type Vertical 110mm diameter (not included)
Connections Water - 1/2" Bspm, Gas - 1/2" Bspm
Gas Type/Pressure Propane 37mbar or Butane 28-30mbar


Key Features

Morco EUP 11L LPG Water Heater Features

  • High efficiency
  • Very low start-up water pressure required
  • Standard proportional flame modulation
  • Standard gas economizer for optimised consumption
  • Compact size
  • Simple to install and maintenance
  • LPG - Propane Gas
  • Ideal for single point residential and commercial use
  • Piezo ignition
  • Fume exhaust control device
  • Water overheating control device
  • ErP Ready

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