Super Heat 4.2kW Radiant Portable Gas Heater

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Butane 11.34 kg

Gas Heater Buyer's Guide

The all-new Super Heat 4.2kW Radiant Portable Gas Heater comes with a range of fantastic features. With piezoelectric ignition and 3 variable heat settings, starting and operating this mobile heater couldn't be easier. Self-contained and easy to move around, thanks to its 4 rotary casters, the Super Heat 4.2kW Radiant Portable Gas Heater is ideal for heating any room in just a few minutes. It also features an oxygen depletion system and a flame failure device to guarantee your safety at every use.

Hose and regulator included.

£10 Calor Gas Voucher for every portable gas heater purchased.


Super Heat 4.2kW Radiant Portable Gas Heater Specification

Manufacturer HGP
Model Super Heat
Type Radiant
Colour Black
Dimensions (H x W x D) 70 x 41 x 33 cm
Weight 9 kg (unpackaged) | 10.24 kg (packaged)
Max Output 4.2 kW
Fuel Type LPG - Butane
On/Off Thermostat No
Heat Settings 1.5, 1.9 & 4.2 kW
Gas Consumption 315 g/h at a max setting of 4.2 kW
Flame Failure Device Yes
Oxygen Depletion System Yes
Assembly Required No
Warranty 1 Year
Hose & Regulator 35mm Butane Regulator & Hose
Min Room Size Requirements 82 m³ for living rooms / 41 m³ for other rooms with minimum ventilation of 103 cm² area

Super Heat 4.2kW Radiant Portable Gas Heater Features

  • Powerful Heating Performance - Delivers a strong 4.2kW output, ensuring rapid and consistent warmth in any space.
  • Advanced Radiant Technology - Emits direct, infrared heat waves that provide instant warmth to people and objects, mimicking the natural warmth of the sun.
  • Compact & Portable - Designed with built-in wheels, allowing effortless movement between rooms or storage areas.
  • Safety Comes First - Equipped with safety features such as an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) and flame failure device to ensure peace of mind.
  • Versatile Usage - Perfect for homes, offices, garages, and patios, offering flexibility in heating solutions.
  • Economical Fuel Consumption - Uses Calor Gas as efficiently, providing an effective and budget-friendly heating alternative.
  • User-Friendly Controls - Simple and intuitive settings allow for easy heat adjustment to suit individual comfort levels.
  • Sturdy Gas Cabinet Storage - Conveniently houses a standard Calor gas cylinder for prolonged heating sessions.
  • Low Maintenance - Robust design crafted for longevity with minimal upkeep required.
  • Stay Warm in Style - Features a sleek design that complements various interiors while providing essential warmth.

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