Hotpoint HUG52K 50cm Black Double Oven LPG Gas Cooker

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The Hotpoint HUG52K is ideal for kitchens with limited floor space as it measures just 50cm wide. With 4 full size gas burners and also a total of 60 litres inside this double oven model.

Both oven spaces are covered in stay clean liners. Your cleaning will be as simple and hassle free as possible, as you won't have to scrub it yourself or spend money on expensive cleaning sprays. The liners absorb grease and fat while you're cooking, then when you're done, simply turn the oven up to a high temperature and the liners burn away all the grubby bits. The gas hob has enamel pan supports to make it easy for cleaning.

You're getting conventional heat in both ovens too. It's excellent for more traditional styles of cooking, as the varied heat around the oven is what gives you the golden, rustic finish. Use it with things like roast chicken or shepherds pies for a lovely homemade feel in your dishes.

There's also a slow cooking option. By using low temperatures over a really long cooking period your dish gets a much deeper flavour, as well as tenderising your meat and veg.

The HUG52K cooker is fitted with flame safety devices so if the flame is extinguished the gas is automatically cut off for added peace of mind.


Hotpoint HUG52K 50cm Black Double Oven LPG Gas Cooker Specification

Product code HUG52K
Key Features

Hotpoint HUG52K 50cm Black Double Oven LPG Gas Cooker Features

  • Height adjustable front feet, up to 30mm, and rear wheels for added mobility
  • 10 Year Guarantee on all parts - Terms & conditions apply