Rinnai Infinity 16i Internal LPG Gas Water Heater and Flue

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Sudden changes in water temperature, causing cold showers or scalding hot baths are a thing of the past with Rinnai's Multipoint Tankless 16i water heater.

Unlike many competitors, the water temperature you set is the water temperature you get. So, if you are showering at, say 42°C, and someone turns on a tap elsewhere in the house, the temperature will not vary.

Rinnai Multipoint Tankless 16i is the perfect solution to hot water requirements for domestic properties/dwellings and light commercial use. It is designed to allow maximum flexibility when choosing where to install it, as it does not have to be mounted on an external wall. The Rinnai Multipoint Tankless 16i is designed for use directly off the mains and therefore there is no need for large, ungainly storage vessels.


Rinnai Infinity 16i Internal LPG Gas Water Heater and Flue Specification

Product Code REU16iL
Manufacturer Rinnai
Installation Internal wall mounted
Dimensions (H x W x D) 675mm x 370mm x 139mm
Weight 18kg
Exhaust system Room sealed
Temperature range 35°C - 75°C
Ignition method Direct electronic
Gas consumption - Natural gas 4.7 - 36.5kW max
Gas consumption - Propane 4.9 - 36.8kW max
Hot water delivery capacity 16 ltr/min raise 25°C
Nominal operating pressure 1 - 7 bar
Electrical consumption 68W
Key Features

Rinnai Infinity 16i Internal LPG Gas Water Heater and Flue Features

  • The Rinnai Infinity does not run out of hot water
  • Space saving, compact design means no floor space taken up
  • Digital controllers allow you to control water temperature
  • Endless hot water delivered more efficiently and with greater control.
  • This new technology replaces the need for bulky, inefficient, old-fashioned storage tanks
  • Highly efficient, saving you up to 30% on your hot water gas bill