Blue Belle Chic 4.2kW Blue Flame Portable Gas Cabinet Heater with On/Off Thermostat

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The Blue Belle Chic 4.2kW is not just an elegant portable gas heater; it's also an innovative one. Easy to light, thanks to the rotary control and the battery-powered electronic ignition, this portable blue flame gas heater is also equipped with an On/Off thermostat. Set the temperature you want and relax. The burner's flame will go out by itself as soon as the temperature is reached and come back on again when it drops. This patented device is specifically designed to enhance the user's comfort, keeping the temperature in the room constant without any manual adjustment while also optimising fuel consumption and costs. The Blue Belle Chic 4.2kW is the only appliance of its kind to offer this feature!

Made in Europe to the highest quality standards and certification (CE, UKCA), the Blue Belle Chic 4.2kW combines a stylish design with safety. The compartment for the gas bottle includes a full-size door, making this stylish indoor gas heater a perfect fit for any home.

In terms of safety, the Blue Belle Chic 4.2kW portable gas cabinet includes a Flame Failure Device and an Oxygen Depletion System. The Flame Failure Device automatically stops the gas flow when the flame is extinguished to ensure no unlit gas can escape, while the Oxygen Depletion System shuts off the gas supply if the oxygen levels in the room drop to 18% is also fitted.

Hose and butane gas regulator included.

£10 Calor Gas Voucher for every portable gas heater purchased.


Blue Belle Chic 4.2kW Blue Flame Portable Gas Cabinet Heater with On/Off Thermostat Specification

Manufacturer HGP
Model Blue Belle
Type Blue Flame
Colour Black
Dimensions (H x W x D) 77 x 43 x 38 cm
Weight 11 kg (unpackaged) | 13 kg (packaged)
Max Output 4.2 kW
Fuel Type LPG - Butane
On/Off Thermostat Yes
Heat Settings 7 Heat Settings
Gas Consumption 305 g/h at a max setting of 4.2 kW
Flame Failure Device Yes
Oxygen Depletion System Yes
Assembly Required No
Warranty 1 Year
Hose & Regulator 35mm Butane Regulator & Hose
Min Room Size Requirements 84 m³ for living rooms / 42 m³ for other rooms with minimum ventilation of 105 cm² area

Blue Belle Chic 4.2kW Blue Flame Portable Gas Cabinet Heater with On/Off Thermostat Features

  • Precision Heating - Features a robust 4.2kW output paired with blue flame technology, ensuring efficient and even room warming.
  • Stylish & Elegant - Boasts a chic design in a sleek blue finish, seamlessly integrating into modern home aesthetics.
  • Integrated Thermostat - Comes with a built-in On/Off thermostat, allowing for precise temperature control and enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Safety Prioritized - Equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) and a flame failure device, providing peace of mind with automatic shutoff in unsafe conditions.
  • Ultimate Portability - Designed with convenient wheels for easy movement, perfect for shifting between rooms or storage.
  • Efficient Fuel Storage - Features a spacious gas cabinet, accommodating a standard gas cylinder for extended heating sessions.
  • User-Friendly Controls - Straightforward and intuitive settings make it simple to adjust heat levels and maintain desired room temperatures.
  • Blue Flame Brilliance - Delivers consistent and clean burning, optimizing the heating experience and fuel efficiency.
  • Diverse Applications - Ideal for homes, offices, and other spaces needing an elegant heating solution without compromise.
  • Reliable & Durable - Constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring longevity with minimal maintenance.

Blue Belle Chic 4.2kW Blue Flame Portable Gas Cabinet Heater with On/Off Thermostat Reviews