Campingaz C206 GLS Gas Cartridge (Pack of 4)

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Pierceable cartridges can't be disconnected once they've been plugged into an appliance, so they're suitable for more intensive or longer use – they're also our most economical and widely available cartridges. 

However, the C206 GLS cartridge has a new integrated flow reducing system, the Gas Lock System, which is compliant to the new European standard EN 417:2012 legislation. The system prevents the majority of residual gas from escaping the cartridge when accidentally disconnecting it from the appliance, thereby also preventing flare-ups.

Campingaz C206 GLS Gas Cartridge (Pack of 4) Specification

Each cartridge:

  • Contains 190g Butane
  • Size (without cap) ø 9 x 9.5 cm
  • Weight: 300 g
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